• NEWPictures of the New York concert at Hard Rock Cafe, NYC

  • Michael


    A choir boy as a young child, self-taught guitar player as a teenager, anonymous song-writer for more than a decade and bass player for a couple of years now: music has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.

    This passion only needed a spark to explode in the open. This spark ignited “six floors under?, with 14 colleagues who were soon to become 14 friends.

  • Xavier

    Bass/Double Bass/Drums

    Self-taught bassist, rusty double bassist, firey sitar player and occasionally a (very) bad drummer, Xavier's dream is to smash his bass on stage like Paul Simonon, bassist from the Clash, or to burn it like Hendrix at the Olympia Hall (but not without buying a cheap guitar on eBay first!).

  • Wilfried


    After a really exiting and intense musical life when I was a student, I lost my melodic mojo in everyday working life…

    6 Floors Under has been my musical revival. Thanks my new mates, I can express deeply all my jazz, soul and rock influences.

  • Pierre


    A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

    I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

  • Jérémie


    Raised on 90th Hard Rock, music came to me as a matter of course. As far as I can remember, singing and playing was for me a way to live.

    I didn’t choose music but it chose me. “Six Floors Under? is definitely the place where I belong.

  • Stéphane


    Shy boy and self-taught guitarist at the age of 17, he played for a few years in blues/rock bands for fun and for girls.

    After 20 years of musical sleep, he couldn’t refuse the adventure proposed by Xavier and that was the best call! OK boss, let’s rock with this great team to infinity and beyond!

  • Jenifer


    Music is a family affair , not a choice but a duty ! Unfortunately, I was not gifted and I had to wait until college to discover my first true musical experience within a famous Gospel choir.

    If someone would have told me that I would be lead vocal in a Rock band, I think I would have laughed. I laugh yes but now it’s on the stage.

  • Laurent


    Yes I know ... But I hate homework

  • Eric


    Music never let me down but deep inside, I thought there were no way to live a working life and to follow my passion at the same time, unless stopping to sleep !

    At about that time, some curious guys asked me to join them, 6 feet under the ground, and to play rock with them : I promise to bring my classic touch, let's go for our SG Opera Rock !!!

  • Matthieu


    After a 12 years break from a classical Saxophone and a jazz band background, Matthieu joins 6FU at the last minute between two video editing.

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Next concert soon to be announced

6FU live on the 26th of October 2017 at the Hard Rock Cafe

We collected 130 000$ to help disabled children in partnership with ALTSO (A Leg To Stand On)